Update: New Adventures

Oh my… It sure is hard to maintain a blog about past adventures when you’re busy making new memories!

My dear friend Kathleen just arrived from Canada on Sunday, and so Derek and I decided to make the most out of our week with her. Unbeknownst to her, we spent Saturday in Dublin (we got there on the 7:21 am train), since this isn’t a destination on our trip with her. I am super excited to share the map of the awesome experiences from that day very soon, however I need to scan the map first. teehee

In the park right behind St. Patrick's Cathedral... and what a beautiful day it was!

In the park right behind St. Patrick’s Cathedral… and what a beautiful day it was!

Suffice it to say, we spent from 9:00 am to 23:30 in Dublin, we saw Trinity College, the Statue of Molly Malone, the National Wax Museum, Grafton Street, had a coffee in Bewleys and then moved to St. Patricks Cathedral, Christchurch, the Old Jameson Distillery and of course the Guinness Storehouse… and we did this all on foot!! There was loads more and our feet are still kind of killing us. We then spent the night at the airport to surprise Kathleen upon her arrival at 5:30 on the Sunday morning and accompany her back to our house in her rental car.

She was so shocked to see us there! It was amazing!!

She was so shocked to see us there! It was amazing!!

Monday, we began a trip with her, starting with a hearty breakfast and then driving to Donegal, Co Donegal. There we checked into the majestic Lough Eske Castle Hotel (5* rating and I agree… seriously, don’t miss this, especially the “dinner with the chef”, but more details to follow). Today, we travelled from there through Letterkenny, to Malin Head on to Greencastle where we took the Ferry to Magilligan Point, before driving up to Castlerock and the statue of Mananan Mac Lir (the Celtic Neptune) and having a Fish and Chip Supper overlooking the Atlantic in Portrush… we have way more planned for the week yet and today was only Tuesday! Oh mercy!

Just a small sample of the pictures at the castle...

Just a small sample of the pictures at the castle…

Alas, this is why I have not had a chance to write my planned second “memory” of a trip from the past, however, once I am done this magnificent journey and have had a chance to digest, and maybe even write about it here a bit (if anyone’s interested) then I will get back to it.

Thanks again for keeping up with this, my humble little blog. I wish you all well and can’t wait to write again soon.

Take care. xoxo


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