Travel Review: AerLingus & Sky Dine


This was our first time travelling with AerLingus and as such, it seems naught but appropriate to share my findings of this delectable experience so that others may choose their next airfare wisely.


AerLingus, the national flag carrier of Ireland, offers a very welcoming and truly Irish experience from booking all the way through to landing at your destination. The booking process was swift and easy, with a very easy to navigate website, that should put even the most internet illiterate travellers at ease, as well as offering an ever open line of communication from the moment you confirm your booking. To the great relief of my paranoid nerves, I received my booking confirmation almost instantly, and was permanently kept reminded of my upcoming journey with them, through regular offers of upgrades and satisfaction surveys that kept me clicking through their pages in my down time, yet pleasantly without finding myself inundated with junk mail.


On one of those curious click through adventures it came to my attention that upgrading to business class with AerLingus is just as outrageously expensive as on any other airline (I booked us into economy) , yet since it is common practise to charge extortionate amounts of money for an incremental increase in leg-space and the luxury of arriving at your destination completely inebriated at no extra cost (which I believe to be almost necessary in order to drown the guilt of the money you just wasted), I shall not judge them on that too harshly. However what was interesting to see, was their “make us an offer” gauge. Yes, you can make AerLIngus an offer on what you would like to pay for your upgrade to business class, and they will judge your offer from “unfair” to “excellent” and then (presumably) award or not award you your upgrade. It is an interesting looking system, albeit not one I felt the need to experiment with, at the risk of accidentally promising my humble sum of spending money for my trip on the aforementioned leg room and promise of gratuitous amounts of alcohol. (Even though the new business class, does look tempting….)

Business Class

I did, however, opt to upgrade to their SkyDine experience (which according to their website has in the 5 days since my flight been discontinued and replaced with what they’re calling “bia” in flight dining *sigh*) , which in essence lets you upgrade your standard airline meal to something a little more extravagant and delicious, without having to upgrade into another class.

It may not look like in the picture, but it sure was delicious and worth every penny. :)

It may not look like in the picture, but it sure was delicious and worth every penny. 🙂

I opted for the steak meal, which came with two sides, bread, crackers, a yummy salad, a chocolate caramel dessert, a personal bottle of wine, mineral water and coffee/tea. All of this, served hot and fresh, on real ceramic plates with metal cutlery, for the very reasonable price of €17. Not bad at all.

We will most certainly be upgrading the breakfast to the full Irish breakfast as well for our flight home, since it was most certainly worth the money, and breakfast is only €7.50.

"The angriest Man in Brooklyn" was my first movie of choice, followed by "Noah". It was a great way to pass the time.

“The angriest Man in Brooklyn” was my first movie of choice, followed by “Noah”. It was a great way to pass the time.

In addition to this, the AerLingus staff was very friendly, charming and efficient. Everything you could ask for in a cabin crew. Soft drinks, water, coffee and teas were complimentary and additional snacks and alcoholic beverages could be paid for by card and cash, in either Canadian Dollars, Euro or Pounds (cash) which was refreshing given that many other airlines won’t take anything but credit card anymore. The seats were by no means large, but surprisingly spacious in comparison to most other economy flights I have been on, with comfortable wee pillows and head sets provided complimentary in every seat (*yay*) and a very comprehensive, individual entertainment system in every seat.

All in all, the trip was a very pleasant experience from start to finish, great value for money, especially considering the connection straight to Dublin, rather than having to go via London or Frankfurt, and so in conclusion I am happy to say that I am very much looking forward to my next AerLingus experience.

Do you have a favourite airline?

Take care. xoxo


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