I’ll have the house special, with a side order of… abuse?

I’ll have the house special, with a side order of… abuse?

Trang Tien

And I had such nice things to say about the food… 😦

My husband and his family have always loved Trang Tien Restaurant, in downtown Edmonton AB, and it has been ages since we’ve been there (given that we currently live in Northern Ireland). We went today, to meet with his mom since this is their usual place to go together, and to make a very long and unpleasant story short; the waiter “made a joke” in which he insisted to move the table from my side of the booth closer to my husbands side, because he “is so small” and I was “so huge”. (That’s a quotation.) And evidently I needed more room, in his opinion.

He proceded to repeat this comment a second time, when my mother in law arrived (who sat with my husband on his side of the table), to emphasize that even with both of them on his side of the tale, I still needed more room…. later he then had the audacity to  comment on how my husband couldn’t be his mother’s son (she is of Chinese descent) since he doesn’t (I quote) “look like Chinese person”. (My husbands father is French Canadian, so no of course he doesn’t, not completely.)

The food was great as usual, and the price is well worth the food you get, but amongst several other rude comments made by this man, as well as the blatant fat shaming he was trying to put me under and the racist remarks toward my husband (as he made it perfectly clear that he did not like my husband being only “half” asian) I would never ever go back there and I strongly suggest no one else do so either; unless of course you like a fresh side of abuse with your meals.


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