So many things…

There are so many things going on at this time of year, that I am not even really sure where to put all these thoughts, feelings and information…

So, in order to clear out my head a little bit, so that I might focus a little better on my work, I would like to share a few updates and thoughts with you, and then get more thorough with it, later this evening. 🙂

1) Derek and I are proud to announce that we have gotten a beautiful new apartment in the heart of Belfast. We can not wait to finally be able to walk to a) work, b) the cinema, c) some pubs, d) restaurants, e) shopping and to finally have the opportunity to socialize with our colleagues after work and start making some new friends.

2) With that in mind, I can not wait to no longer be dependent on the most abusive Public Transport System I have ever come across in my life – Translink NI Railway. (→ more on that one later… maybe after Christmas)

3) I have now gathered information on Christmas Traditions from Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, France, Poland, Australia, Canada and Japan with the help of great friends from around the world, and I think that is plenty to be getting on with for my desired “Christmas around the World” blog post; I am excited to get that underway.

4) Political Correctness around Christmas. Wow. What a pain in the ass; long story short there are a lot of wanna-be pseudo-social “activists” out there, who think that changing “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays” and “Christmas Market” to “Winter Market” makes it less offensive, somehow… What Horseshit. The only thing that is offensive is that some jacked-up-on-their-own-uselessness political Assholes with something “to prove”, choose to divide cultures even further rather than joining them. I’m not even a Christian and I’m offended! It’s Christmas, same as it’s Chanukka, Kwanzaa and Winter Solstice.. there is also: Ukrainian Christmas, Orthodox Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, Canada Day, Independence Day, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving (→ more on that one later…), Halloween and many more… we don’t change any of those…. Back off of Christmas and the Christmas Tree…. FFS.

5) I also have a lot of festive hairstyles and recipes I would like to share, and am terrified that I am not going to have the time! hahaha

Finally… I feel better now. lol

Well, I am hoping that I can get all of these varying topics covered relatively soon. Does anyone have any ideas for topics to add? Or an opinion on any of those I have mentioned?

Thanks for reading. Take care. xoxo


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