Gender Neutrality


If I hear or read this neurotic, propaganda-fueled insanity as a criticism of parents who cater to their children’s wishes, one more time, I will become a very very unpleasant person.

Let’s make this clear: Boys are boys. Girls are girls. Some grow up to be one, the other or both. They can like all kinds of things. Boys can like race cars and sparkly dresses. Girls can like Barbie and Karate. This is normal. This is fine. And anyone who would force their children into a stereotype such as “Tommy you can’t have a Barbie, that’s for girls” or “Jenny, you can’t have a Firetruck, that’s for boys.” is clinging to a seriously damaging and antiquated set of questionable morals.

HOWEVER – if a girl wants to be a girl and want to play with a pink sparkly Barbie and get her nails painted – THAT’S OKAY and if a boy wants the new Nerf Gun so that he can take down his buddies in the mud while they play cops and robbers – THAT’S OKAY TOO!!

The quarrel of the fanatical “gender neutrality” activists who are insisting, that every child needs to be offered a gender neutral option lest it scar them for life need to just shut it.

They claim they are avoiding gender confusion, and allowing for the true inner nature of the child to blossom, but if you tell little Timmy that wanting a Nerf gun is bad because he’s never tried to play with Barbie before, and little Jenny that she should be offended when someone buys her pink sparkly dresses because it’s a sign of the patriarchy, even though all she wants is to be a princess for Halloween – YOU are the one causing damage and confusion. YOU are the hater who is hurting their development. And that makes YOU the bad guy. Let kids be kids, no matter what they’re toy/hobby preferences.



One thought on “Gender Neutrality

  1. Jana says:

    Hi Sàoirse! You are totally right. I can monitor it with little Super Sophie. She is playing with cars, cause her daily brother is a boy and I don’t mind about it. He is cooking with her in the game – room. He is a boy. Why not. She wants to play with Lego. Why not? We have to let the kids being kids and choose their own way. I totally agree. It is amazing to observe who the fantasy grow in these little minds and how they discover relationships between things and people. That should be motivated and supported from us – the parents – and should not be stopped.
    I hope this Blog post will reach many of us parents to think about.
    Good luck!

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