Moving time!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

I hope all you amazing readers out there got to spend quality time with your loved ones and that Santa spoiled you rotten… He sure spoiled me!! 😉

I feel so loved by my family this year, next to video games, apple accessories and awesome travel books I am super stoked to get cooking out of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”… The one they made that movie about, yeah, that one!) hahaha

See, I even got new Cinderella PJ’s!!


I digress, the point of this quick update post though was actually for something completely different!! Do you remember that fabulous little apartment I wrote about? Well, Derek and I have finally moved in!!

We have tons of boxes to unpack, a bed and bookshelf to still get here and build and indescribable amount of organizing and paperwork to do (who knew that you needed a TV license here? Huh… ) but with the help of our amazing family we’re doing incredibly well!!

My Mom and brother even surprised us by sneakily hanging up these lovely banners for us, when they brought a bunch of boxes for us earlier!


Now, we’ve had our first home cooked meal here and some bubbly to celebrate and we’re off to (the currently provided) bed. I’ve been told by a dear friend in Germany, that the first dream you dream in a new home will always come true. So let’s hope it’s a good one!! 😉


Sweet dreams everyone, thanks for reading! Take care. Xoxox


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