Happiness in 2015!

Happy New Year!! Wow, it’s 2015… isn’t this the year that Doc Brown was going to come back to the future? 😉

It’s that time of year, when Gym memberships soar and greengrocers make more money than butchers as the whole world promises to live up to their own expectations of themselves. I personally have always failed my new years resolutions to be honest. “Losing weight” and “saving more money” and “going on an adventure” never happened for me; at least never in the way I imagined them too and I think that it’s because those goals are too generic. Titanic 2

My husband Derek and I decided last night, as a part of our lovely and very quiet and intimate New Years Eve, that we wouldn’t make resolutions as such, but rather that we would set ourselves some goals… Goals that we can keep each other to. Goals that we believe will make us happy, add spice and adventure and fulfilment to our year.

Of course the ultimate goal is the ever present pursuit of happiness, but I decided long ago that happiness can be easily achieved with a child like acceptance of the world (in certain instances) and realizing that while growing old is mandatory, growing up is completely optional. (Which is why his video game collection is rivalled only by my stuffed toy collection… haha) dolls

So, with nor further ado, here are our joint and my personal goals for 2015; I am choosing to share them here, because I feel like it will give me some sort of accountability. I can report back here when one of them has been achieved or failed, and I can write about how I am working toward achieving them, pleasures, struggles and all.

Our 2015 Goals

  • Make our home, homely  (so much sorting to be done)
  • learn a new Skill
    • ??? (any suggestions?)
  • support at least 3 charities
  • host a board game night once a month
  • have a lazy morning in bed together once a month
  • Skype / FaceTime our loved ones once a month
  • stick to our lesser meat more veggies plan (-> I’ll elaborate on that one another time)
  • have regular (proper) date nights
  • visit 2 new countries ( -> We’ve already booked our trip to France, we need one more)
  • we each join a separate club/class/group ( -> We need a social life apart from each other)
  • go to more Comic Book / Anime / Video Game Conventions
Sáoirse’s Goals for 2015
  • take refresher courses for each French, Spanish and Japanese  (those get rusty if not used)
  • cook out of my “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” book once a month
  • become more physically active ( -> take stairs at work, go for walks)
  • Start working on my new Blog project. ( -> To be revealed soon)
  • be more crafty (letter writing, scrapbooking, adding art to Deviant Art)

If we can stay as happy this year, as we were last night when we started it; then surely this will be an amazing one.

I wish you all, the best of Health, Happiness, Love, Luck and Laughter for this upcoming year of 2015 and can’t wait to spend it sharing my blogging adventures with you. Thanks for reading. Take care. xoxo


Who needs champagne? 😉


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