Feeling all grown up…

As you’re growing up, you have this idea of what “adult” life is like; you think of doing what you want (when ever you want) and then as you get older, you think of it including work, responsibilities and eventually societal expectations; such as elegance and sophistication vs. simple/rough and tumble kind of styles.

Anyone who knows us, or reads this blog often enough, knows that my husband and I don’t exactly prescribe to the notion of “growing up” at home; we love our video games, comics, Disney movies and Comic Conventions and pretty much do what ever we want, when we want (within reason and outside of working hours.)

However, I had a moment yesterday where I took a look around and had a bit of a  giggle fit, because I did in fact feel “very grown up.” IMG_0700

We had gotten up fairly late (10:30 am), but it was Sunday… then we had the most bizarre and interesting day. Once we were in the kitchen, I completed the last preparations to make the home made French all butter croissants I had been working on (in preparation for next weeks “Around the World in 26 Breakfasts” Blog, since we will be on a wee holiday next weekend) and while I was baking, IMG_0729Derek was planting new seedlings (Chives and Parsley), because we enjoy growing our own herbs.

From there, we then cleaned the house (vacuuming, mopping and all) so that we could relax knowing the house was pretty, before we made an absolutely lovely all vegetable and scrambled eggs breakfast. If that wasn’t “grown up” enough, I then set my plate down on the coffee table, where I had to move my “coffee table literature” which consisted of a Lonely Planet IMG_0728“Europe on a Shoestring” guide, the Viking River Cruises Magazine and an Tourism Magazine for Ireland. IMG_0730

I can’t really tell you why, but once I observed all of this I broke into slightly hysteric laughter because it just all seemed so ridiculously grown up, urban, elegant and sophisticated that I felt like my 7 year old self would have been terribly impressed.


Now add to this, that we had company over (two lovely friends whom I know through work) who stayed throughout the afternoon over several cups of tea and coffee, which eventually turned into glasses of Black Velvet (Guinness and Prosecco cocktails) until well into the evening, and now I think that even my 24 year old self is impressed… hahaha

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 10.15.29 PM

Image Credit: BBC Food (I neglected to photograph ours haha)

Honestly I can’t even really tell why I feel like sharing this, it just struck me as such a very impressive combination of things to be doing in one day, that I could’t help but marvel at it.

Either way, we had a wonderful day with loads of fun and ended it by waiting for our Indian Dinner delivery (we could NOT be bothered to cook after all that) while I wrote a bit of this blog and my hubby played video games, before we settled in to chillin’ with the Mythbusters on Netflix; looks like sophistication was just a phase after all. 😉

Hopefully you all had a wonderful weekend too.

As usual, thanks for reading and take care. xoxoxo


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