5 News Articles that got my attention this week…

The News are always overflowing… the good, the bad and the ugly sides of humanity (usually the latter) flowing from page to screen and back again in a never ending attempt to get our attention and remind us that we don’t live in our own little isolated bubbles; as much as many of us wish that to be the case.

This week, 5 articles in particular leapt off the screen at me with such ferocity that I felt like I had been punched in the gut with their impact. Some of these have a very broad implication with a massive impact, others are very localized… but they stuck with me all the same and have had me brooding and talking all week, so here they are, the 5 News Articles that got my attention this week, for better or for worse.

#5 – Airbnb rental that went horribly wrong in Calgary, AB, Canada

Find the article here: http://goo.gl/PRKq23

This article made me angry due to the very obvious disrespect and gut-wrenchingly antisocial behaviour that was put on display here. An individual rented someone else’s home (under the guise of needing accommodation for a wedding in town) with the intention of using it to host a drug fuelled orgy. The furniture has been obliterated and the house is covered in booze, drugs, vomit, urine (and worse) from rafter to baseboards. How is this family supposed to go back to their life there?

The rental agreement did come with insurance, so the family will have the cleaning expenses covered by AirBnB but surely that won’t be enough. They need new beds, and the carpets need replacing… what about their children’s cuddly toys and clothes? Things that have been irrevocably violated?

Not only am I so disgusted at the act itself, that my words fall utterly short to describe it, but I am horrified at the fact that the responsible party will not be adequately punished for this. A $5000 (roughly £2690) fine is all this bastard is going to get for completely ruining someone’s home, whereas I think he should have to be made to pay for all the damages. In addition to this I believe that he should be charged with fraud, and all of his guests should be charged for he illegal drug use right along with him.

This just still has ben shaking my head…

#4 – Man with collapsed Lung turned away from Medi-Clinic, Edmonton, AB, Canada 

Read full article here: http://goo.gl/3rXt1U 

Short version: A Medi- Centre in Edmonton turned away a young man who was in pain, because he did not bring his Alberta (provincial) health care card. They claimed that they couldn’t treat him without it and sent him away, saying that they did not believe him to be in enough distress to warrant that they take a look at him without the basic health insurance.

By the time he finally got to a hospital, it was established that he has a collapsed lung and could have died.

There are several reasons why this really struck me; for one this man was clearly discriminated against (he wasn’t offered the pay cash option for a Dr. to see him) and this was most likely due to his rugged, bearded, tattooed appearance which is unacceptable. Secondly, even though the Hippocratic Oath is no longer legally binding, breaking it is considered malpractice in most western cultures and this young man could have died of his undiagnosed injury. How is this acceptable?

Finally, it hits me the most through personal experiences with this very system. These are private stories, which are not mine to share, but suffice it to say that due to similar decisions made by similar clinics and hospitals people who are very close to me have been put at risk, are suffering long term pain from malpractice, have had to pay extortionate amounts of money to have their injured children tended to and I personally have an incorrectly healed crack in my left ankle (specifically some unidentified part of the tarsometatarsal articulations), which has left me struggling to walk or dance for extended periods of time without my ankles becoming weak and painful.

Te fact that any modern medical system is allowed to treat people this way disgusts me. I feel awful for this young man’s experiences and grateful that he will be okay now. I just wish there was a way to stop this from happening to others in the future.

#3 – French Teen told her skirt too long to go to school, France

Read full story here: http://goo.gl/vicptl

France has a very strict secularist law by which religion and state are strictly separated. This practice is called Laïcité and has a very long (and debated) history in France. Now, to be perfectly honest, I agree with this basic idea and feel that religion and state should be separated, especially in this modern age where there is simply too much diversity among people to force any one group’s beliefs onto all.

In France things have gone a little far though; in addition to removing a uniformed morning prayer from schools, students and teachers alike are not allowed to display “religious symbols” this means that Muslim girls and women are not allowed to come to school (or work) wearing a Hijab and Christian people are forbidden from openly displaying a cross or rosary (among many others of course). This goes a touch far in my opinion, and what is completely insane is this particular article… a teenage girl was wearing a long skirt (a plain black skirt) to school and was told that it was too long!

Allegedly, her skirt was so long that it implied a religious meaning and that it was thus too provocative and so she needed to leave. Ex-fucking-cuse me???

So now we’re telling our young women that they need to show more skin to get an education??? That is not only Xenophobic beyond all measure but is sexist and sexual harassment all wrapped into one nasty case of human indecency.

I don’t even know what else to say… I am just horrified.

#2 – Gay Marriage rejected by Northern Ireland Storming assembly, Belfast, NI

Read full article here: http://goo.gl/YgBlqI

Homophobia is rampant in this country; the government were even discussing a “conscience law“.

Misinformed and ignorant people are being kept in fear by religious insanity and paired with a deep rooted suspicion of anyone who is different from oneself (within one’s own population never mind the migrants that move here) have created a volatile cocktail of fear, suspicion and intolerance.

I have no idea how to address this without getting sad, bitter and weepy – but the fact that a European Union member state can still deny basic human rights (don’t get me started on the abortion issue) makes me sick to my stomach.


I hate leaving things on a sour note, so here is the most AWESOME story I have read this week:

#1 – Audi creates a clean Diesel, made of water and carbon dioxide, Germany 

Read the full article here: http://goo.gl/dQEyUS

I am just going to leave this one right here to be awesome. Clean Diesel? Maybe I need an Audi after all. 😀

Thanks for bearing with me through something new.

Thanks for reading and take care. xoxo


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