Disney Lessons 

After a great deal of wonderful and encouraging comments to write more about my passion for all things Disney, I decided to re-watch as many Disney movies as I please (much to the delight of husband 😉 ) and then write about them in order.

I’ll cover everything from the basic plot summary, to themes I pick up on, lessons I think I would take from it as an adult, and even discuss any common “issues” people have with the movie, such as potential subliminal messaging and whether I find them to be true or not (or at least important enough to note.)

That being said, I was all geared up and ready to start my first adventure tonight and was baffled by the pure amount of obstacles I had to overcome to get there.

So let’s begin with my (not so idiot proof) to-do list in preparation for this new series: Disney Lessons. (Let’s call this, lesson the first.)

1) Call people to a vote on Social Media as to what movie you should examine first. Cross your fingers that your favorite movie (on that list) wins and then have a half hour debate with yourself, like a crazy person, about whether you need to even follow the vote when it doesn’t come out in your favour. “But why ask if you’re just going to ignore them?” You hear your logical side plea, as your selfish inner demon snarls “I don’t really care, I had other plans, precious.” in retort, until your higher self beats both of them around their proverbial heads with an imaginary slipper because “wise up – you’re fucking fighting with yourself! Oh and the vote wins.”

Fine – the vote wins. Ow.

2) Get into Pj’s. Yesterdays Pj’s because you’re not an adult and haven’t done laundry. Damn.

3) Be health conscious and make a cup of steaming green tea and natural popcorn as your snack in the lovely pop-corn maker your brother got you for Christmas. Realize that that combination tastes like shit, melt butter to pour over that popcorn and get a chilled apple cider from the fridge. Much better.

4) Start up Netflix and realize they’ve removed the movie. Look for the movie in the old movie box. Realize that you’ve just dug all the way to the bottom the wrong movie box, this isn’t the Disney box, so try again. Find the movie. Yay!

5) Lost the remote. Dive into the precariously Mary Poppins like Cable bag… yes, the one where hopes and dreams go to die!!!

6) Finally plug in the movie and grab your computer so that you can take notes just to notice that now that your popcorn is buttery you really don’t want to be typing. Damn.

7) Remember that your other brother got you a note pad last Christmas that you vowed to use for blogging notes. Run to go get it. (Of course it’s not where you think it is, so you start searching all over your stupid little apartment… this place isn’t so big, where the damn can it be? Oh in the bag of presents from Christmas and your birthday, of course… *sigh*)

8) Get back to the sofa, book and pen in hand just to realize that the tea’s gone cold, the cider is warm, your popcorn is soggy and you’ve still not even started the movie.

Total time: One hour.

Lesson learned? Search first, prep food at the end. *eye-roll*

Well… here we go! (I’ll be back once I’m done my very deep analysis of Dumbo. Haha)

Thanks for stopping by! xoxox


2 thoughts on “Disney Lessons 

    • I’m glad I could make you smile my dear. ❤ Trust me when I say I felt as ridiculous as the text made it sound, especially when after writing the blog (which I did BEFORE watching the movie) I realized that I hadn't pulled the chicken out of the freezer for dinner yet, so I had to go do that too! lol


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