Travel Review: Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

IMG_3870After having visited once before and not being able to cross due to weather (August 2014), it was exciting to finally get to cross the famous little bridge. We were told that once upon a time it was a lot more precarious, but now it is perfectly sound, well supervised and safe, and yet still I got wobbly knees and held my breath as I took my first steps across the open water. The bridge is free to see, but you have to pay to cross it (£5 is very reasonable for the staffing and ongoing maintenance, and National Trust Members go free if they present their cards).

IMG_3864Important Notes: There’s about a 1 km walk each way to and from the parking lot which is very important to note, and this is not wheelchair, walker, walking sticks, buggy or small child friendly. The latter is the most important, since when you cross the bridge to the little island there are NO FENCES so small children and people who are unsteady on their feet could easily fall. (If your children are hyper or tend to run off, you also mightn’t want to bring them across the bridge for safety.)


It’s a spectacular view from the other side and an amazing experience, just be prepared, bring good shoes and expect wind.

Visited September 2015

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