Travel Review: Dunluce Castle

IMG_3896I have visited this spectacular little castle three times, and I absolutely love it. Not only is it an excellent example of a medieval Irish ruin, but it is also an active archeological dig site. There was a 2 year gap between my first and second visit and the differences were fascinating. The signposts had all been updated as more information about the castle was discovered, and I felt like I learned something new every time I went.

The set up is very family friendly, with an interesting little visitor centre at the beginning, where one can watch a video telling the history of the castle (in multiple languages) and children can dress up as noble knights and maidens fair. There is a room dedicated to the artifacts that have been found, where children (and adults who feel like it) can pick up a scavenger hunt book and pencils to add an even greater sense of exploration to the visit.


IMG_8980Most certainly worth a visit, and most certainly good value for money. Allow approx 2 hours for a comprehensive look around, including a walk down to the lower view point. (The stairs leading down to that particular view point are very long and winding though, so it’s not wheelchair friendly and anyone who isn’t good on their feet or has joint problems might want to avoid this as well.)

In general the castle is great for families with children, is wheelchair accessible (with exception of one turret and the lower viewing point), and offers bathroom facilities.


Visited September 2012, August 2014, February 2015 

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