#ScrumptiousSunday – Markets & Festivals

Happy Sunday everyone; I hope it’s been a lovely weekend for you. 🙂 IMG_8426

While I adore discovering, creating and cooking both my own and other people’s recipes, I am also known to indulge in local restaurants and dishes every now and then, and today, I would like to share some of the delicious things, that Derek and I sampled at both the Belfast Maritime Festival and Continental Spring Market this weekend.

(Heads up: I’m an awful food photographer, and we only tried a very small sampling of dishes, but boy were we happy with all of them!)

German Bratwurst and Krakauer Sausage

These sizzling, savoury bites are easy to love. We always go to the same stand each time they’re in town (usually for the Continental and Xmas markets) and while they’re a touch pricey, they sure know how to cook ’em and they never disappoint. (Even Riker was hoping to score a bite… which he certainly did; spoiled brat that he is. 😉 )





French Cheese and Bacon Twist – It’s a like a Croissant but twisty… and savoury! *melt*






And we follow that up with? A sweet and heartbreakingly delicious Éclair.




To end the evening, we also bought some truly and indescribably scrumptious teas and flavoured coffees from Jimmy Bean. Yes please!


It doesn’t always have to be home cooked to be delicious.

Thanks for reading! #ScrumptiousSunday


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