First Blog


my name is Sáoirse and this is my first ever blog.

I’m not exactly sure what I want to write about, and have even more doubts about whether anyone would ever bother reading what I write, but I reckon it’s worth a go, and so here we are.

It has happened more than once in the past that I have been advised by people in my life, as well as people that I have only just met casually, that I should do something like this; I dare say that I don’t consider myself or my life to be particularly interesting or worth reporting about, but I must admit to possessing a generally bad habit of sharing my rants, rambles, and basic opinions on most given topics, with utter disregard as to whether my present company wishes to partake in them or not. A struggle for both the speaker and most certainly the weary listener.

If nothing else, this blog might just offer itself as a vent for all of the clutter that I struggle with in my mind, from my musings on modern sociological problems and phenomena, over accounts of my personal travels, experiences and adventures (which might even include the one or other travel review), sharing my passion and love for cooking and great food, music, movies and theatre to the most intense opinions on historical and current political events and affairs.

As such, I have no idea exactly what I want to write about… but when I find a topic that inspires me, I shall bring it here.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this, and joining me on this new adventure, that I shall call – The Blog.