#ScrumptiousSunday – Family Dinner & Beef Wellington

Nothing beats a family dinner, especially a home cooked one, so whenever Derek and I get the chance to invite family for a meal, we jump at the chance. 😉 A few months back, my Dad’s brother Norbert and his wife Birgit (who happens to be my wonderful God Mother) came to Ireland for their first visit in many many years. As a part of that visit, Derek and I wanted to host them and my parents, in our little apartment that we had at the time, for dinner. There’s just something special about playing host to family members, who always hosted you as a child.


Of course we wanted to serve up something very special, so we went with a recipe created by the man himself – Gordon Ramsay.

We found his very popular Beef Wellington Recipe online, after seeing it served over and over again in his various TV shows, and tried our best to recreate that for dinner for our family. The challenge? My parents don’t eat carbohydrates, so we needed to find a way to cook for them that didn’t include the usual puff pastry wrapping.

Original Recipe here: https://www.gordonramsay.com/gr/recipes/beef-wellington/

We followed the recipe precisely for my Aunty and Uncle and ourselves, but had to get creative with the dish for my parents. We wrapped the roast and mushroom layer in another layer of parma ham instead of puff pastry and then wrapped the whole thing in baking paper, which we tied tightly with oven safe string. This allowed the beef, flavours and mushroom layer to cook beautifully, at the same time as the normal Wellingtons, while keeping in all the juices and flavours, without burning the ham layer (and keeping it completely carb free 😀 ).

We served the Wellingtons with mashed potatoes (mashed cauliflower for my parents), chilly string beans and sautéed garlic mushrooms.


For dessert? Chef Ramsay’s no-bake cheesecake (with the ground digestive biscuits replaced with fresh fruit, and the sugar replaced with Stevia sweetener for my parents). I regret that decision now… because now I can’t go to my Dad’s house for dinner, without having to make that dessert. 😉 hahahaha

It was a wonderful evening, and we had loads of fun recreating some of these iconic recipes. The preparation was actually really simple and yet the flavours so rich and complex, that the evening was a complete success. If you’ve ever struggled to find a show stopping Sunday recipe, this might be for you. 😀



Avengers Style Shwarma – #ScrumptiousSunday

In an attempt to avoid decision fatigue and to not waste food, Derek and I prefer to pre-plan our weekly meals. It makes shopping more efficient, and means that we don’t have to play the “What should we eat?” game every evening.

Added bonus? We always know what diner we get to look forward to in the evening. 🙂


One of my favourite meals this week was the Avengers inspired Shwarma, and so, with this being #ScrumptiousSunday I thought I’d share a few highlights and show you where to find the recipe if you wish to re-create it.


The Geeky Chef’s Cookbook – find it here: http://www.geekychef.com/

It turned out awesome, if I do say so myself; especially when paired with Greek Salad.


Thanks for reading. #ScrumptiousSunday

#ScrumptiousSunday – Markets & Festivals

Happy Sunday everyone; I hope it’s been a lovely weekend for you. 🙂 IMG_8426

While I adore discovering, creating and cooking both my own and other people’s recipes, I am also known to indulge in local restaurants and dishes every now and then, and today, I would like to share some of the delicious things, that Derek and I sampled at both the Belfast Maritime Festival and Continental Spring Market this weekend.

(Heads up: I’m an awful food photographer, and we only tried a very small sampling of dishes, but boy were we happy with all of them!)

German Bratwurst and Krakauer Sausage

These sizzling, savoury bites are easy to love. We always go to the same stand each time they’re in town (usually for the Continental and Xmas markets) and while they’re a touch pricey, they sure know how to cook ’em and they never disappoint. (Even Riker was hoping to score a bite… which he certainly did; spoiled brat that he is. 😉 )





French Cheese and Bacon Twist – It’s a like a Croissant but twisty… and savoury! *melt*






And we follow that up with? A sweet and heartbreakingly delicious Éclair.




To end the evening, we also bought some truly and indescribably scrumptious teas and flavoured coffees from Jimmy Bean. Yes please!


It doesn’t always have to be home cooked to be delicious.

Thanks for reading! #ScrumptiousSunday