5 Tips to get yourself psyched for Christmas!

Santa takes flight in 4 days time and even though some of us are already rocking around the Christmas Tree, there are some of us who still haven’t quite gotten into the Christmas Bug. Wanting to spread some Christmas Cheer, here is my list of things to do to get yourself psyched for Christmas.

1) Get glammed up! Whether you like cheesy festive earrings, hair pins, necklaces or rings, or you’re more the shiny ties and cuff-links type: get glammed up! It’s human nature, we can’t help but feel excited if our reflection tells us that we look ready for a party!

rudolph   merry christmas   Pudding

2) Do something nice for others. It is the season of giving after all. Whether you bake some cookies, mince pies or scones for your work colleagues, take some of the pressure of your parents by offering to arrange the stocking stuffers this year or maybe even by just taking some time for that friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while, by going to a movie, or out to coffee. Spending some time, effort and maybe money on other people is actually very rewarding. (ASAP Science proved that → http://goo.gl/vDi2Ar )

3) Blast your Christmas Music. Crank it up. Turn on the tunes and sing along to your hearts content. Sometimes you really just need to litereally rock around the Christmas Tree and jingle those bells, like an excited child, to bring back that magic.

Seriously… just do it.

4) Try something new. You could dig out an old family tradition that you have never tried to master before, such as a recipe, like Grandma’s Mince Pies, or Aunt Bessie’s Turkey Stuffing, or an experience such as attending a Christmas mass (even if, just like me, you’re not religious, this might give you some insight into what your ancestors or relations get/got out of it). But of course you could also try something completely new. Change your hair (cut or colour), get that new piercing or that Tattoo you’ve always been dreaming of … or maybe, sign up for that class you’ve always wanted to take (Dance, Photography, Cooking, Robotics..?) as an early gift to yourself, and then you can get all psyched up for it over the festive season.


I recently got the top of my ear pierced, something I’ve been wanting to get done for ages! 🙂

5) It’s a classic: Make yourself a hot drink, get a Christmas book or movie and curl up on the couch (maybe even with a loved one at our side?) and just let that magic wash over you. My personal recommendations for movies are:

Miracle on 34th Street

A Christmas Carol (specifically the one with Sir Patrick Stewart)

The Muppets Christmas Carol (for those who want to watch it with little ones)

The Polar Express

Rise of the Guardians

I am now on a 9 day “stay-cation” meaning I’ve got the whole week off work, but I am not going anywhere since I intend to spend it at home with my fam-jam. 😉 Several Christmassy things on my list: play boardgames with my brothers and Cousins, ask my Dad, Mum and Aunty about Christmases when they were growing up and to do some serious baking. *yum yum yum*

Merry Christmas!!

Thanks for reading this everyone. Take Care! xoxoxo